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Our founder, the Honourable Tuariki Delamere, has a remarkable and distinguished career.  Academically successful, he was recognized in High School as the top Maori student in New Zealand.   After enrolling at Auckland University he transferred to Washington State University in Washington, USA after winning an international student scholarship.  In 1974 he was awarded his Bachelor of Arts degree from Washington State University and in 1977 he was awarded a Master of Business Administration from Long Island University in New York.  In 1998 Mr Delamere was honoured by Washington State University, and appointed as a member of the Washington State University Foundation which includes such distinguished former students as Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft.




Mr Delamere was born at Papakura Military Camp where his father was the Sergeant Major.  Many of his uncles had fought in World War II including Lieutenant Moana Ngarimu and Captain Monty Wikiriwhi, the two most highly decorated Maori soldiers of the war having won the Victoria Cross and Military Cross respectively.


In 1974 Mr Delamere joined the United States Army undergoing his basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, in Missouri graduating as the top trainee. He then transferred to the staff and faculty of the United States Military Academy at Westpoint where he served for the next three years.  Mr Delamere considers this period one of the highlights of his life and met such famous Westpoint graduates as General Omar Nelson Bradley and Apollo 8 commander and moon astronaut Colonel Frank Borman.  In June 1976 Mr Delamere was assigned to guard and protect President Gerald Ford when he came to Westpoint.




On his return to New Zealand in 1978 Mr Delamere worked in the accounting and computer fields.  In the accounting field he rose to the position of Chief Financial Officer for Polynesian Airlines, the national airline for Samoa.  As the New Zealand sales manager for the Concurrent Computer Corporation he was the top salesman for the Asia Pacific region in 1987.  A career highlight was the successful multi-million dollar sale and implementation of the New Zealand Lotto system.


In 1990 Mr Delamere was appointed as Negotiations Manager for Treaty of Waitangi claims and was responsible for managing the settlement of many treaty claims.  In 1993 Mr Delamere was appointed

as the Regional Director in Whakatane for the Ministry of Maori Development.  In 1995 he was appointedt o manage the negotiation process for the Whakatohea tribe in their treaty claim against the Government for the illegal confiscation of their land.  In September 1996 the Government agreed to a settlement package worth $42 million.

Member of Parliament


Tuariki Delamere entered Parliament in 1996 as a Member of Parliament for the Waiariki electorate.  The Prime Minister of the time, the Right Honourable Jim Bolger, showed such confidence in Mr. Delamere that he appointed him a member of Cabinet and the Executive Council.  This was the first time in 70 years that a new member of Parliament had been directly appointed to such a position.


During his time in government Mr. Delamere held the portfolios of Immigration, Customs, Associate Treasury, Associate Health, Land Valuation, the Public Trust and Pacific Island Affairs.  During his time in government his achievements include:


- Removing the quota for Chinese students studying in New Zealand.  The limit of 400 students applied only to China and was considered discriminatory by Mr. Delamere.  Within 3 years the number of Chinese students studying in New Zealand had increased to 42,000 per year.


Immigration Consultancy


After leaving Parliament Tuariki Delamere recognized the importance of immigration to New Zealand's future economic growth and established TDA Immigration to facilitate this important part of the economy.  He sought to develop a consultancy that would provide quality assistance in a market that was plauged by disreputable organizations that would disappear overnight, along with their clients money.


Over the years Tuariki Delamere has nutured a company that has built a reputation for a "can do" attitude.  On countless occassions TDA Immigration has been able to succeed where others have failed and this proven track record has become the basis of our reputation.


Personal Life


Tuariki Delamere is a proud family man with 3 children and 8 grandchildren, as well as many other extended family members.  He is also an avid sportsman who takes a keen interest in athletics.  In the 1970's Tuariki Delamere was an accomplished athelete, winning championship titles in New Zealand, Europe and the USA for the long and triple jump.  He competed in the 1974 Commonwealth Games in Christchurch and had previously developed the forward somersault long jump technique.

- Removing the requirement of partners of Skilled Migrants to pay a $20,000 bond if they were not fluent in English.  It was considered this requirement acted as a significant disincentive to Skilled Migrants coming to this country.


- Allowing recognition of same-sex relationships under immigration policy, ending the previous discriminatory practice.


- Implementing policies for Business Investor, Entrepreneur and Long Term Business Visa.

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